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There are many deciding factors that takes a corporate film from adequate to impactful and engaging. And it all starts at the beginning, with you and the group of individuals that will form part of the team in bringing this tool to life.

Marketeers are creators at the core here's some tips on how to support that creation in 'the making of' process of a corporate film.

Making the best ever corporate film starts with you

Have fun, make magic and publish awesome content

Tip #1 - Sharp, concise content:

Define what it is that you want to say. There is a knee jerk response to investing in a corporate film to say absolutely everything there is to say and even more. This delivers a convoluted message that is often too long and leaves your audience with overwhelming amounts of information that is quickly forgotten. The key here is to engage your audience to the extent that they want to know more.

Tip #2 - Who are you talking to?

knowing who your targeting with this film is imperative. It will drive the decision as to who speaks for you, what length is accessible and most importantly what language needs to be used.

Making the best ever corporate video starts with you

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Feel free to include personal details and examples. The more relatable you or your narrative is, the more you connect with your audience.

Tip #4 -Engage the professionals:

Using professionals is vital to the successful outcome of your investment. See the briefing session as an onboarding process, be clear, sharp and cover as much ground as you can. Remember that at the outset, they do not know your business as intimately as you do. Feed them with enough information and inspiration as you can and let the magic begin.

Tip #5 - What’s the big idea?

Let a centralised 'big' concept form and think about how to convey that big thinking - this could be what kind of narrative will be forged, will it be interview driven, actor and performance driven, voice overed scripted story, title, graphic etc know the idea and fuel the process from that.

Tip #6 - What does the image say?

This film and the images that are shot will form part of your corporate identity and should be the best possible in terms of composition, lighting and design. Spend as much as you can with your chosen agency to ensure that the image you are portraying resonates with the company you want to put out into the world. The sequence of shots that are to form part of the film need to be carefully designed – to say as much with the image as the voices that speak for you. In addition, they need to be crafted to enhance the message and art directed to feel as if they have formed part of the whole.

Tip #7 - The edit:

This process is as important to the whole as every other part. If you have elected for a film made up of client or end user commentary, their interviews will be analysed by the production team and editor and the most powerful statements will be used in such a way as to unpack the story. The secondary layer of visuals that are used to enhance or show what is being said are then attached to the story. Light and shade, changes of pace and rhythm are used to keep the audience engaged. During this time, your input and that of the team is required to ensure that what you envisioned is being brought together in the best possible way.

By the end of all of this – from decision making, briefing, big idea agreement, scripting, pre-production and postproduction you should have an incredible corporate video that you are proud of!

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