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Putting story telling to work!

Lewis Caroll - Author 'Alice in Wonderland'

Alice In Wonderland author Lewis Carroll put it like this: “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Remember though, as marketeers, we are always selling. While we may sometimes react to someone else's input, usually, as the ones responsible for converting ideas to action, to results, we take the initiative - like producing a well-targeted corporate video.

We've thought carefully about our audience - the party our client seeks to reach. We've crafted the key (hopefully singular) message we want to convey for our client. We have even thought how we can best 'package' this message.


So, as renowned super-sales-author Dale Carnegie wrote repeatedly last century,

we should apply the ABC rule …

• Always Be Closing

This means that, whatever the type of communication, we should always be looking to achieve our objective.

This first implies we have an objective! (Don’t laugh, sometimes clients spend fortunes never knowing, or at least agreeing, what the communication objective actually is!)

Ask yourself: how will we quantify the success of this communication?

Be discerning. Be ruthless.

Of course the specific objective will vary depending on the type of video being made - internal or external, not-for-profit or for-commercial-gain.

How will we know we’ve been successful? Measure your success, your communication’s effectiveness, your results. Whatever the metric - market share, sales levels, churn, calls, website usage, complaints, positive reviews, funds raised, lives saved - whatever the metric, know it going in to your campaign, measure it.

Push to better it!?

The most effective videos remain those targeted at the specific client objective.

Know yours.

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