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Gonzoe is a leading global production events company.

We provide a full range of services to help you plan, produce and promote your event.

Now is the time to redefine what live, virtual and hybrid engagement events look like, and how engagement can be driven, maintained, and improved. 
Content sits at the core of this challenge. 
Our role is to work in partnership with you to create an experience, to communicate and to package content that drives the engagement, connection, and end outcomes you are looking for. 
We offer combinations of creative end products that can be used to support your event ranging from pre-packaged all the way to highlights, summaries and ‘live’ engagements.

Creative event content services

Creating experiences using creativity & content creation for engaging, emotive memorable moments.

Event staging & production services

Live events staging for in-person events producing and running single or multiple day events.

Supporting local and global event staging and production needs. 
Technical support to link in person live elements shared to an online platform to allow for hybrid eventing. 
Multiple camera feeds, understanding and knowledge of online support and hosting. 
Overall show production including partnering to supply any staging requirements.

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